Strict and Safe Art and Piano Removal Service by Leo’s Man and Van London

You need a trustworthy team to help you with moving your piano or valuable art pieces? You can rely on the technicians that we send and receive an absolutely personalised service, in every moment of your move. Your needs for the job and moving time frame will be always fulfilled. We guarantee the success of this specific relocation service. Rest assured that no damage will come to your expensive antique furniture piece or any form of art. Furthermore, just for your comfort, every single item will be covered by a full insurance policy.

Seek the help of a moving contractor that has the suitable equipment and plenty of experience to safely load, transport, and unload your collections to your new location. All the same if you have an entire gallery full of art to move or just a few precious, nicely-made chattels, this service is great for any type and size of art removals. All of your possessions will be carefully wrapped and packed in durable materials and boxes, chosen for the sole purpose of art and antiques protection. For a service that will give you the peace of mind you need during your relocation, call 020 3868 2582 now!

Why You Should Choose Our Company For Your Fine Art Removals

In case you wonder what to do with the problem of moving a piano or transporting antique objects, this service will ensure you success in all aspects of the procedure. We will gladly help you, knowing that relocation of possessions of such property, be it private or public, can be quite stressful as a process. It takes a minimum of knowledge on how to pack and position every item, in order to remove any chance of damage. There are so many details of the process to consider prior to even commencing the service itself. Every fine arts removal team we send will pay attention to every detail. All the team members have passed through extensive training courses, ensuring that every piece is properly fastened for the journey to come.

Take advantage of professional and trustworthy removal service company for any type of relocation you have. We can be of assistance to museums, public art owners as well as relocating antique collections of private owners. You can also entrust us with the carrying of all types of modern or ancient pieces of art; small or big furniture and heirlooms; and a wide variety of music instruments, like pianos. Choose our specialised service to deliver your belongings safe and sound to any location of your choice, without any hassle and concerns.

Learn More about the Steps We Take to Do Your Art Transportation Job

You can expect our team to proceed with the following steps:

  • The technicians we send will come to the address you specified at the exact time, all prepared to do a perfect job for you;
  • They start by disassembling bulky furniture and some fragile items in parts, so they can be packed separately to prevent any possibility of harm;
  • Everything will be custom wrapped and boxed in sturdy cardboard, where most fragile items, are packed in bubble wrap for extra protection;
  • Paintings and other works of art are specifically taken care of, they get wrapped with breathable and resistant materials, also with soft edge coverings;
  • All your valuables will be loaded in the van and then distributed and fastened securely and properly, nullifying the risks of damage;
  • Specialised straps, blankets, foam and cardboard separators ensure that none of your belongings would be harmed during the transportation stage;
  • You will always know the whereabouts of your shipment and state of your relocation service via a tracking system for your convenience;
  • Whenever you need a storage space for your possessions, we will arrange one for you that can properly keep your heirloom objects intact for as long as you like;

Book for a Reliable Art and Piano Transportation Service

For safe passage of the paintings, antique furniture, sculptures or any type of fine art you own, reach your phone and dial 020 3868 2582 immediately! Get your free price estimate without any obligations on your safe art transportation and let our trained staff and specialist equipment provide you with an impeccable service. Have the pleasure to see everything going according to plan, without any distirbance, just the way it’s meant to be!

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Booking more services at the same time grants you the opportunity to receive a great reduction of the price. And we already have competitive prices. To take advantage of this policy, blend this service with any of the following: