We Deliver Storage Services in the London Borough of Camden

Do you lack the space that is necessary for storing your items? Do you wonder what to do with the huge pile of belongings that you have to fit on your property, by any means necessary? Leo’s Man and van London offers you a solution for this seemingly hopeless situation. We will give you the room that you need – a spacious warehouse where you can put your belongings and feel safe. That’s right, they will remain there intact and unspoiled. You can take advantage of our storage for anything from keeping documents to bulky furniture or large collections. You can get it started right now, by calling us on 020 3868 2582. You will make your relocation much easier with our great option here.

You Can Absolutely Count on Us for Beneficial Storage Service

So what makes our safekeeping solution so important? Why you should choose us as your contractor? Here are the characteristics of our service that give the best description of what advantages await you:

  • We provide all types of boxes: you can rest assured that all your items can fit into the appropriate boxes. We also have polymer boxes for storing heavier possession;
  • We cover all your belongings with an insurance: the policy covers all types of property damage;
  • We can deliver your packed items at an address of your choice at any time when needs be;
  • We execute strict control over the access of our employees: only authorised people can touch the boxes;
  • We have a tightly-controlled monitoring system, which is active 24/7, all-year-round;
  • We don’t have minimum or maximum time for safekeeping your valuables;
  • Our service is perfectly suitable for matching your business demands: we store documents and equipment;
  • 24/7 customer support: you can rely on us for timely answers to your inquiries and free price estimates;

One of the best advantages of our service is that you can merge it with the others that we offer. Additional areas we cover:

See What Variations of Our Storage Suits You Best

Our service proceeds like this: our transports will arrive on the spot of your choice at the time you’re requesting for collecting your valuables. Depending on your service package, you can expect delivery of boxes, packing, or just loading, transportation and unloading for storage. The following cases make our service extremely helpful:

  • Storing your domestic belongings: it is the service that will be of assistance when you don’t have enough space for the items you need to carry to your new home or office. When you need to move house, it’s not unusual to realise that many of your old appliances don’t fit. When you can’t just throw them away, we can help you by keeping them in our facility where they can stay for a better day;
  • Business/industrial storage: just as in moving house, you will appreciate the help of our company when as a commercial client. The growing number of supplies and products of your company could use some extra space. Your offices will be much better organised if you can store your paperwork. And you don’t want to rid yourself of your expensive, yet old equipment, do you? When you need more capacity for spare parts, we are the provider you need;
  • Students and their belongings: we can help out students on a home hunt or in case they want to visit their home town without carrying all those items with them. There are many more reasons for a student to take advantage of our discreet and reliable services. We guarantee that your belongings will be intact and unspoiled;
  • Art collections: when you have precious heirloom, splendid works of art or something else of great value to you, we can help you out by keeping it. The special care and attention that we provide makes our service even suitable for museums.

Contact Us Today

You can have your storage service right now – just dial 020 3868 2582 and get it started. Our phone line is always active and our operators will be happy to answer your inquiries. They will tell you everything you need to know about the details of the services we offer. You can also post your inquiry online.