Our Company Provides Storage Services in Richmond upon Thames

Do you lack the space that is necessary for storing your items? Do you wonder what to do with the huge pile of belongings that you have to fit on your property, by any means necessary? Leo’s Man and Van London offers you a solution for this seemingly hopeless situation. We will give you the room that you need – a spacious warehouse where you can put your belongings and feel safe. That’s right, they will remain there intact and unspoiled. You can take advantage of our storage for anything from keeping documents to bulky furniture or large collections. You can get it started right now, by calling us on 020 3868 2582. You will make your relocation much easier with our great option here.

Why Opting for Storage Facilities from Our Company Is a Must

It’s a dream for everyone to simply have a space of their own to fit all their belongings. Sadly, London is in great deficit of free space left and you have to find another solution to your problem. The most sure way is to rely the professional storage services of Leo’s Man and Van London. The storage space at your disposal is kept clean and is fully protected from moisture and any harm from the elements. Also, you have constant access to your belongings and you can sort them out at your convenience.

  • Have your items stored in cardboard boxes that don’t break up in your hands. All the boxes used for your storing are made of high quality cardboard and polymers making them an eco-friendly solution;
  • Never again worry about your stored possessions, a full insurance covers all your stored items and you always have access to them;
  • For your convenience you can have us pick up your belongings from your storage and deliver them to a place and time of your choice;
  • Only trained professionals handle the loading and unloading in the storage vaults, minimising the risks of damage; The warehouse is monitored 24/7 for the safety of your stored items;
  • Capable of keeping safe any kind and size of materials, from bulky oversized equipment to books and materials;
  • Perfectly keep any office equipment or archives from your business operations without any hassle;
  • Short and long-term storage options that are suited to your exact needs;
  • Customer support available 24/7 for bookings and information;

Storage Services To Suit The Needs of Many

  • Storage for domestic items – Widen the space of your home by getting bulky and unused items stored for safekeeping until you need them again. Rely on the storage services we offer and safely keep your possessions in a secure place. Get everything sorted out with an instant call.
  • Business storage – A successful business will always need more and more space to expand and prosper. We offer you just that, a big enough place for a time period of your liking, where you can store all the office equipment and materials in. Focus on boosting your business productivity and let us handle your storage, get it anytime you need it back.
  • Storing bags for students – Going away for the long summer vacation or you’re simply need your luggage stored for the holidays, this student removals service offers you safekeeping of your belongings at an affordable price while you’re away. You no longer have to worry about hoisting your luggage back and forth in the tube.
  • Safekeep your fine arts – You can keep your valuable art collections in a safe place without having to worry about any damage coming to it. All the storage facilities are well ventilated so you can store anything you need. Even museums with antiques and relics can use this service without any problems.

The real deal with storage service is the fact that you can schedule other services along with it and that leads you to a special offer on the end price. Here is where else you can schedule our services: 

Get Your Secure Storage Vaults Now

Pick up the phone now and call 020 3868 2582 for your convenient storage service. Get in touch with our customer care agents 24/7 and schedule your pickup and get all the information you need on about everything we offer and the storage facility. Work with experts in storing valuables and rest assured no harm will come to your belongings. You can get them anytime you want in the same condition you left them.