Opt for a Second-to-None Storage Service in Southwark

Are you looking for ways and means when it comes to storing your extra items? Do you wonder what to do with the stockpiling documents in your office? Enter the storage service provided by Leo’s Man and Van in London! We are the company you need for a solution to the problems you experience with the space for your items. We have a spacious warehouse, perfectly fitted for your special storage needs in the London Borough of Southwark. You need to place a good part of your luggage while being busy home hunting? No problem – just give us a call on 020 3868 2582 and we will help you out in no time.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Us for Safekeeping Service

We are the company that will be most helpful when the circumstances demand the availability of additional space. Imagine what would it be if you couldn’t use some extra stash for your valuables. That’s exactly why you need the help of our company. We understand your needs completely and here are some of the characteristics that make our service second to none:

  • Durability: we have all sizes and shapes of the boxes needed for your storage requirements. No matter how bulky your items are, they will be safely packed and locked;
  • Licensed, certified and insured service: you can rest easy for the remainder of the safekeeping, comforted by the knowledge that your belongings are insured against property damage;
  • Special delivery: when the moment of retrieval has come, you don’t need to wonder what to do with the transportation. We will deliver your items by sending our vans to the place of your choice;
  • Special monitoring: only our employees can go inside our storage facility. You can feel safe with our policy of security above all else and that our warehouses are locked and guarded;
  • We have plenty of space for your belongings: we have enough space for every type of luggage, appliance or collection you may need stored;
  • Business-friendly solution: you will be able to use this service when you have a whole lot going on and you need to relocate your business premise. Our warehouse will be your additional inventory slot;
  • 24/7 customer care: you will get answers to all your inquiries thanks to the knowledge of our customer care specialists;

You Can Have Your Storage Needs Fulfilled Thanks to Our Vesatility

Service like ours will help you out in many circumstances. Here are the main options you can use our storage facility for:

  • Domestic relocation: feeling nervous about the lack of space when you’re moving out? No problem – our company will secure the much needed storage capacity. When you don’t know what to do with all those chattels, we will be of help.
  • Business storage: nothing says “we have enough space” like our warehouses. We have room for everything you need for safekeeping during your business relocation – from piles of archives to machinery. We will guard your items and safely pack them.
  • When the students move: life as a student is tough for those who want everything put in place. We will be the right solution when you feel desperate for lacking the space required for keeping your items. This service is so versatile that you can use it even when you want to just visit your oldies and you need a place where the good part of your stuff can be guarded – the items you’d never carry with you for a vacation anyway.
  • Art collections and heirloom: our service is suitable for public services too. We can give a hand to museums and private collectors, as we know exactly how to store valuable objects, what materials will preserve them best, and what temperature is suitable for them. And of course, we have insurance for all your possessions.

Combine our service with anything else we offer and take advantage of the end price you will get. Here are the other areas we provide services in:

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