Safekeeping and Storage Services in Tower Hamlets

Are you experiencing difficulties with your ever-increasing amount of chattels? Do you ask yourself what to do if you have to move in a smaller property? Leo’s man and Van London has the capacity you need for a storage space. Our safekeeping service in Tower Hamlets will be the most convenient solution to the problems you may face during your relocation. We are here to help you out when you need to move out, when your business needs some extra space, and when you need your valuables locked safely into a cozy, guarded place. There is no reason to ignore this opportunity, especially when it’s a phone call away – dial 020 3868 2582 and place your order today!

What You Get with Our Storage Service

You will have the peace of mind you need when it’s clear that not all your items can be transported and delivered to your new place. You will take advantage of our safe warehouse. This is the place where you can leave your possessions and rest assured, comforted by the tight control that we have over the premises. Our service will bring you several benefits. Here are some of the most important among them:

  • All your belongings will be packed and stored in quality boxes that can withstand the weight of your items and not tear up. Our specialised boxes made from polymer give you extra sturdiness;
  • In case you are away and unable to get back your possessions by yourself, we will help you out by sending a van loaded with your belongings right on a spot of your preference;
  • Licensed, certified and secure service: everything you store in our premises will be covered by insurance;
  • We execute strict control over the access to our premises: only authorised people are allowed to handle your belongings;
  • Storage vaults of all sizes, perfect for storing big industrial equipment, as well as your books and other small objects;
  • Our service is perfectly suited for business owners who need to store the piling archives, old or spare office equipment;
  • Convenient timing: maybe you need a storage space for all year or maybe just a couple of weeks. Whatever the case is, feel free to choose the period of time that suits your needs;
  • We are ready to answer your inquiries 24/7: our customer care operators will be happy to give you information about our terms and conditions whenever you need it;

Adapt to Different Situations with the Help of Our Safekeeping Service

We are offering you a complex service, with plenty of opportunities. Here are some of the most frequently encountered cases:

  • Moving out and storing items: this is the situation that requires our help most often. You will need it when you can’t get all your appliances into your new place. Sometimes the circumstances won’t allow you to take everything with you. Same applies for the situation when you have new possessions and you can’t figure out what to do with the old ones. In both cases, we have a spacious place for your chattels.
  • Business storage: if your archive is growing too large for your office or if you have a quickly growing inventory, our service will be the perfect solution. There is nothing to worry about as the safety of your valuable business possessions is more than top priority to us – it means everything and our monitoring system is second to none.
  • We help students: when you are a student and you need to find a new tenancy, we will give you the peace of mind you need. You can lock your stuff into our warehouse and feel free to do the home hunt. No need to use the basements of people you don’t know quite well. We are the ones you can trust for safekeeping.
  • Art collections: for people with refines tastes and museums. We will execute the strictest control when it comes to the safety of your heirloom and works of art. We have the knowledge required for safe handling of fragile and expensive objects.

Place Your Order Today

Act now and call us at 020 3868 2582! Your will get in touch with our polite and knowledgeable customer operators. They will guide you through the booking. You can also book online by filling in our special form. Don’t forget – the more you book, the less you will pay. Feel free to combine our service with the other options we have for you. Ofcourse, you can also book us in: