Choose Storage Facilities For Your Needs In Westminster

Do you need some additional space to store your possessions? Whether you are busy home hunting, going on a long journey, or you just need an extra space for your belongings, we at Leo’s Man and Van London are here to assist you. You don’t have to ask your friends and relatives permission to use their basements or attics, or organise everything in a tiny closet. Our storage facilities are clean and protected, making it the perfect place for safekeeping. Even better, you will have permanent access to it! We can also pack everything for you and move it to our place. No need of transportation or other extra care – we will do it all. And all of that at an affordable price. So act now and call us at 020 3868 2582! We will be happy to answer all your queries and give you free quote.

Why You Should Choose Our Movers and Packers in Westminster

When you need to store your movables, you need to choose the right contractor. So here we are! We value your trust above anything and this is why we offer you our safe, convenient services. Here are some of the benefits that await you for booking us:

  • Durable packing materials: we store all your belongings in boxes that will withstand their weight and will not tear up. Also, they can be recycled;
  • Insured service: everything you store in our facilities will be insured against any case of damage;
  • Post-storage service: for your comfort, when you decide to get your stored items back, you can call us for a delivery, at your very door;
  • Safety and care: only our employees have access to our storage facility;
  • Security above all else: our warehouses are locked and guraded. You can rest easy, knowing that your belongings are in safe hands;
  • We have space for every need: whether you need a big vault for storing bulky appliances or just enough space for small objects, we have exactly what you need;
  • Convenient when moving business premises: if you need safekeeping for your old or extra office equipment, or a temporary archive, we can assist you;
  • Flexible duration: perhaps you need a storage space year-round or maybe just a couple of weeks. In all cases, feel free to choose the period of time that suits your needs;
  • Customer care: if you need any help you can always rely on our knowledgeable operators;

Different Storage Solutions for Your Needs

As everyone has its own requirements, we do our best to meet them. Our offers can assess to any situation. Here you can see what to choose:

  • Storage for your domestic belongings: is your home cluttered? Or you just purchased new furnishings and need to put the old ones somewhere? You can enhance your personal space by using our storage services. We will help you with a space where you can place your extra items until the time for retrieving them comes back.
  • Business storage: Your office equipment and/or furniture have been changed? Suddenly you’re in the need of a new space? Also, when your archives are making an impressive pile and you can’t just throw them away, you can use out solution? We offer you a good deal, fast service and a solution, that fits your needs perfectly. Put aside your stuff and take them back whenever you need them.
  • Excellent option for students: the time for your holiday is here and you consider moving everything back to your home? Or you are changing accommodation? We are here to answer these needs of yours and help you with the logistics. Your belongings will be safe and you can get them back whenever you need them at a customer-friendly price.
  • Arts and luxury items storage: if you are gathering of any kind of art or you own some valuable pieces that need to be kept safe, do not think twice, just call us. Our storage units are well ventilated and you can keep anything in them. Rest assured that your valuables will stay in an impeccable condition.

When choosing your package, think about blending your storage service with some of the other services we provide for a reduced price. In addition, you can also have our service here:

You will be able to get a full package and obtain a great discount!

Call Us Now And Order Your Storage Service

Contact us at 020 3868 2582 and learn more about the services you can get from us! Our customer care operators are always happy to assist you and answer any inquiries you may have. We will give you the tips you need about packing your items for storing. You can also book online by filling in our request-a-service form.